The "SWUFE-DTZ" Joint Training Master's Symposium in Asset Appraisal was Carried Out Smoothly


On the morning of December 1,2023, the " SWUFE -DTZ" joint training master's symposium in asset appraisal was successfully held in Guanghua Building 1408. Zhang Tengfei, director of the Professional Master Education Center of the college, Li Na, deputy director of the Professional Master Education Center, and Wei Lixia, secretary of the graduate teaching, attended the symposium. The graduate students of 2023 and 2022 all attended the symposium through on-site or Tencent conference.

In this symposium, Mr.Zhang Tengfei had a detailed understanding of the graduation thesis and employment progress of 2022, and had in-depth exchanges with students of 2022 and 2023 on professional course learning, graduation thesis topic selection and writing and internship. Mr.Zhang pointed out that the study life of graduate students is different from the undergraduate stage, and the time is tight and the task is heavy. Students should face various challenges in life and study with a positive attitude. During the joint training program, students must cherish the opportunity of study and internship, actively communicate, timely feedback, and strive to improve their professional ability and comprehensive quality. Teacher Li Na believes that for professional masters, they should not only pay attention to theoretical study, but also to practical learning. They should integrate the overall awareness and system concept into life and practice, so as to constantly improve their learning ability and enhance professional ethics. Finally, both teachers stressed that professional master students should pay attention to the writing of graduation thesis, determine the topic selection in advance according to their own research direction, actively communicate with their tutor, and complete the task according to the quality and quantity of the schedule.

This symposium further narrowed the distance between teachers and students, and provided guidance for students' future life and study. The teacher also looks forward to maintaining timely communication with professional master students, continuously improving the level and quality of the "SWUFE-DTZ" joint training program, and jointly creating a characteristic professional master's degree education program.

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